I am from LA and the Rams lost. I am in so much pain I want to commit suicide. I cannot go on. How do I control myself I can't do it?

I am at the edge of the road, I can't go on. There is a cliff here. I am not attention seeking but serious. I was SO excited about the Rams victory and now they have lost. I am going to commit suicide, Christmas was horrible this year and now this. Goodbye


Have a couple shots of JD and get a good nights sleep.

Joe Mac

Try moving out of that cesspool California and your will to live will increase dramatically.


Calm down. They will probably win in the next few years. They are a young team with a young Qb. Trust me they'll be back


Seek help ASAP It’s just a game, somebody had to lose


can you imagine how the doughnut shop owner on century and normandie feel? they painted rams over that real big doughnut on top of the shop but now it make the doughnut shop look stupid. the mta buses still rolling around reading "GO RAMS" lol





The Football God

Come to New Orleans. We had a great time.


go ahead do you really think that the rams will miss one supporter poor shape if you think the world is going to end over a stupid game of football


Put me in your will.