Patriots won! What's wrong non patriots fans. Gonna cry? Getting salty? Go cry. I bet so many non pats fans are throwing a fit?


Mike L

I didn't really care. Hopefully Brady retires before he can't move in his old age. I'm an Eagle's fan anyhow and we handed it to them last year and are posed for a great year again.


I live in Sharon (grew up here) which is 1 town north of Foxboro. I played red devils football in the old stadium . The Patriots are my home team and WE WON! I work in and live in the Boston area (home of the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins). IT'S TIME TO GO TO ANOTHER PARADE!


Since it wasn't the Steelers OR the Panthers, I don't care. I can go about my day happy. If either of them lost, then I'd be sad.


IDK your team has no talent and you all were awful until 2000. Tom Brady is nowhere near the goat, and they won't be back

Joe Mac

What kind of moron thinks all non Pats fans hate the Pats or get upset when New England wins? I'm not a fan of either team but wasn't going to cry no matter who won, the only thing that bothered me was how horrible both offenses played but we kept hearing what a great defensive battle it was. Both quarterbacks were pretty ineffective, Brady just had enough effectiveness to score more points.

35th is Best

Everyone lost because everyone involved in the NFL is a loser.

Digital Princess

Non patriots fans should kill themselves