What position should I play in Rugby League?

Hi, I’m 17 years old and have stopped playing Rugby for the past 2 years. During my time in Rugby I have always played a Foward/1st Row and because of my size I was quite good. However since around June this year I’ve lost 48kg (my current weight is 78kg) and quite a substantial amount of muscle mass too. This in turn has now made me insecure about returning to Rugby because all I’ve ever played is 1st Row and I feel I lack the skill and finesse it takes to play other positions. Do you think I should return to Football and if so what advice do you have for me about coping with this change in playstyle and position? Thank you

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Unlike union, scrums aren't really an issue so that's not an issue. From watching the game for 20 years (I only played union), you hear more and more coaches talk of a lack of specialisation other than hooker, halfback/scrumhalf and five-eighth/fly half, which means that players are more interchangeable than ever. A back row/lock forward position might be something to consider, or playing centre. You don't mention speed/pace which could make playing in the backs a challenge. My honest suggestion would be to find a club that will give you the best opportunity to try both positions (if nothing else, an interchange player who can play in the forwards AND potentially centre is quite valuable). Also, work on ball-in-hand (even as a prop this should have been a priority). Best of luck.