Are neutral fans wishing that Cardiff stay up after what happened to Emiliano Salah?



Of course it's tragic but by no means does that encourage increased support for the club. Bristol City are my second club, we and Cardiff aren't exactly the best of friends but the City supporters all appreciate what Cardiff are going through. Moments like these really do bridge the divide sometimes...


Yeah after what happened to Sala it would be nice to see the club get a boost. Sala was by all accounts a nice, unassuming guy. Truly tragic what happened to him and in hindsight he should have travelled by commercial airliner. RIP to he and the pilot.

Danish Dynamite

I don't really see the correlation, Sala never played for Cardiff City anyway. It was tragic what happened to him, but I don't see how that correlates to increasing support to Cardiff City a club he never played for.


Don't like Cardiff at all, hope they go down


Yeah but I feel more for Nantes. The Cardiff fans would have loved Sala but did you see that Nantes game where they stopped it after 9 minutes that was incredible to watch. Seemed like a really nice guy and those who are spiritual will say it was just his time to go


Not really.

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Some will, it's a horrible what happened. I would rather see Huddersfield stay up though because it would be an incredible turn around if they did it now. I'd also like Burnley to stay up.

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It makes no difference about that poor bloke and his pilot because they shouldn't be in the English League


No one likes those Welsh sheep shaggers!




No, I'm happy that Sala died in that plane crash, he deserved it.

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I don’t like Neil Warnock so no.


No.Even thou its sad they are welsh and shouldn't be playing in EPL anyway.


Nothing happened to Sala, he's just doing his Ozil impression, LOL.