Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea -- not exactly the best debut for Higuain. Thoughts?


Danish Dynamite

They were absolutely dreadful yesterday against Bournemouth John, that has to be their worst performance of the season so far. Higuain was invisible to be honest and it wasn't a great surprise that he was subbed after only 65 minutes for Giroud.

Lucifer Morningstar

Well Hazard; Fernandinho and David Luis aren’t much help. Can’t blame the lack of creativity on Morata.

Dimitrious - aka KC

Danish Dynamite laughed at me when I said Jorginho was rubbish, I think he has the most passes without an assist in PL history. I feel bad for getting on him but he's just not that great of a player and I was right over DD yet again.


And they still dominated Spurs in the League cup, how the hell did you lose to a club that gets battered by f*cking Bournemouth, haha


Higuain is worse than Morata, I said it before the move.


It seems like another less than awe inspiring signing by Sarri.It doesn't look like he will stay much longer at Chelsea.


Sarri will be packing his bags very soon.

Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista

nd i thought we fecked up lol


It's a shock result

Josh B

Hudson-Odoi has left the game.