Dumbest user statement this week?

Kristian: "i'm gay" Lucifer: "Fernandinho was bad for Chelsea vs Bournemouth" Kristian: "i'm going to put my d*ck in your mums big black butt lol" PSG: "David Luiz is the best Premier League defender" Kristian: "i'm still gay lol"


Pulister 'A man can kill a Lion by using his hand as bait and breaking its neck'

Josh B

The dumbest are definitely the Pep is a failure people, they need to go find a new sport seriously.


What about all the stupid things said by Pulister, John, Ryan and Oba? Like Ligue 1 sucking despite the PL champions losing at home to Lyon.


Pulister said Pele was overrated and never did anything at a world cup, LOL


'Black men are sex addicts' Ryan

SONaldo 🇮🇳

Damn Pulister and Oba got roasted hard by these anons 😂😂


What about that Oba guy saying Pep was a failure at Bayern? what a tard, lmao Luiz has more CL titles than Spurs, City and Arsenal combined times a Billion

Dimitrious - aka KC

Oba 'Pep is a failure' Pulister 'an average man can easily kill a wolf' Danish D 'Jorginho was Napoli's best player' Danish D 'USA are better than Mexico' All of those are worse than this list, but I suspect it was asked by on Oba multi-account.

Aguero BITW

I don’t know what the hell these answers are even about but Lucifer’s response is so god damn weird LOL

Forty Licks

Doesn't matter who said what as I find it hilarious to read


When did Lucifer say that loll


It’s a toss up between PSG and Kristian two sock puppet accounts of the supreme mug himself Dimitrious

Lucifer Morningstar

This is Lucifer and I definitely not gay. Somebody wrote about “sticking their cock in somebody’s big black mom’s butt,” and I said “that’s nasty!” Also Wossy commented that licking somebody’s pecs sounded gay and I agreed and wrote “that sounds very gay!” I love women and those beautiful breasts.


They all are dumb,dumber and dumberer