EFS can an average man kill a wolf with his bare hands?



No. And wolfs don't fight alone; they do it in packs. A lone wolf is more likely to retreat from a grown man.


f1ck no wolves are huge theyre like twice as big as a german shepard


Yeah he could but it depends on the scenario. If it's just a straight 1v1 the human doesn't have a chance. If a wolf is already occupied and doing something you could creep behind it and pull it's back legs apart instantly disabling it then you could punch it to death I suppose. Basically it depends on the situation yes and no!

Forty Licks

Only if you are a werewolf

Bernard Evertonian

is this hercules?


LMAO, Pulister is so dumb.

Hombre Sin Nombre AKA Oggmeista

even 11 men are having trouble killing them right now...


Depends what kinda wolf, some species are quite small and could probably be dealt with, the bigger wolves would take a human most of the time though.

Dimitrious - aka KC

I already asked this, and the resounding response from normal people (Not oba and his multis) was hell no unless by some miracle.

Lucifer Morningstar

Not an average person; but Lucifer sure f*cking can. You punch the Wolf hard in the sternum to break its breathing. Then break it’s neck.


If it was sleeping yes


Yes, if it is wounded.


There’s two scenarios where both could kill each other. Wolves aren’t good solo fighters, and it would be difficult for the Wolf to grab the neck. I’m not sure if a human could stand the excruciating pain of a wolfs bite.


Oh god here we go again LOL! Just go read my argument with him earlier if you want to see what was actually said instead of any lie KC has.


anything is possible, it depends on how strong he is