Is Pulister still active in this section?



He is a very busy and very naughty boy; shagging the young lasses he is.


Is he sexy David, how bigs his cok?


Unfortunately yes

Dimitrious - aka KC

Yes just embarrass Oba (easy) and he'll pop up out of the blue to defend his man, and be completely aware of everything that happened in the argument, despite not being involved.


Yeah but he finds it hard to type, one of his hands was damaged when he used it as bait to take down a wolf 😂😂


Yeah just seen a comment of his

LFC Danny



I read your answer too David, you state you find Chris Hemsworth 10 times more attractive than Ronaldo. Sorry that is not the talk of a straight guy, you have unwittingly come out of the closet. Explains a few things




Yep. Dan - why do you come to the EFS to troll me? Is it your inferiority complex from being continually destroyed by me in the Scottish section? Why go anon when it's clearly you as going by the way you type and the fact that anon has me on block, not to mention the latent homophobic insults. You're a sad pathetic individual who knows nothing about football, absolutely nothing. All you know is that garbage club Celtic, you're an embarrassment.