Remember when Liverpool fans thought Naby Keita was the signing of the season?

What does this sh1t flop do besides lose the ball? Fcking dreadful player, Timo Werner is doing much better without him.


Their goalkeeper was their only good signing


Keita should have been awarded a penalty,if the penalty was given that would have been an almost definite winning contribution by him.

Forty Licks

What does he do - he now works on the empty cabinet trophy making it a little smaller and I have heard he cleans the dishes up after the players have eaten

Danish Dynamite

Yeah, he really hasn't lived up to expectations has he? His last season at Leipzig was was quite dismal as well, Werner and Poulsen have been scoring for fun since he left. lol

Lucifer Morningstar

Yeah. He was just another failure.


He'd definitely beat Newcastle, lmao


He's still new to the league.


They have enough quality to do well without him. Midfield is probably one of their weaker areas, but, that said, they could have Jorginho lol.


He won us the penalty that should have won the match or would have scored but the fkin REF had something else to say I'm getting sick of this BS