The liberal media trying to control events by controlling opinions exactly like Nazi playbook, why is this tolerated?



The hell does this have to do with sports?

I'm That Mexican

As Toni said, the 1st amendment. Hey, I don't like it either. But our values and ideas are better than their values and ideas. In the end, we will win in the market place of ideas. Good will always triumph over Evil.

Liberals sequester from fact

Liberal media is calling fire in a crowded movie theatre. SG, you are such a CNN lemming and block coward.


Why? Freedom of the Press as provided by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Yes, there is liberal media out there and there is also conservative media. They are both free to conduct business.


You're getting it mixed up with Trump. He's the one who is trying to control opinions. "Fake News". "No collusion". And stating that there is a border crisis. We had more illegal crossings in 2007 than we do now.

Mr Pottimus

Smart folks can see it...

Toni Parr

The 1st Amendment.


Why does the fascist-in-chief want to silence the media, cripple the government?