What do you think of Nabinho lying about not being from Kyle Texas?

what is that stupid fcking gay Mexican trying to hide? Well done Pulister you have gained an anonymous troll ally. Your dead Pulister


I don't give a gdamn fck if you want to be my ally or not. The only person who needs anonymous trolls on their side is KC because he can't win a single argument. He must suffer from a huge identity crises though, denies being an American, and now can't even accept being a Texan. Being from Texas is a great thing, it's the best state in the United States.


Probably doesn't want ICE catching up with him.


Nothing wrong with a tasty mexican, Im talking about the food of course ;)


He fears Calum.


Texans are inbred, I would lie too


Nabinho is scared about tomorrow’s result.


Texas may as well merge with Mexico anyway it's full of tacoheads


Nabinho is sound.

Dimitrious - aka KC

Pulister will start stalking him and asking for a sleepover.

Slim Shady

Nabinho i ain't gonna cause drama you alright if you voted Obama Now we got Trump, country's in a dump Mumblin for kicks, chicks with d*cks I don't know what i can hump Maybe a dead moose? The USA make me wanna tie my noose Gotta get loose Suicide Is giving me them puss n boots eyes.


Why would I lie b*tch N*gga, my team bout to rack a Super Bowl and the other a PL title ya lil \/\/ank b*tch n*gga