Did you miss me English Football Section, Happy New Year to you all?

What's that? You thought I was gone? If you want conflict on here I'm your number one. What's that? You thought I was done? I'm the one who makes a funeral fun. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls All the big booties around the world Shady is back and on the mic he's kickin Got your mom on my d*ck She be suckin and lickin. There's no one more famous than me So what's the point in a name drop? But King Cristiano your GF is a c0ck block. I know Wayne appeared out of the blue Unlike the anons and Tajspurs too Irish b*tches oompa loompas, 212. This is the English football section So I'm sorry about the deflection Is Harry Kane still claiming goals scored by Christian Eriksen. Shady got stamina I will always stay All you others stick to sitting round and eatin your Subway.


No you are garbage !

Danish Dynamite

Nice to see your'e back slim, where's Kim? Hope you haven't killed Kim again. lol

Lucifer Morningstar

Bournemouth 2-0 Chelsea. Make that Bournemouth 3-0 Chelsea in the 80th minute. Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea!!!


Who the fook is that guy


Happy new year? jesus your internet connection must be slower than mertesacker


Welcome back slim


took you awhile to release this album