Who are going to win the league this season?


Lucifer Morningstar

It’s Liverpool most likely. If not then Man City. No other teams have any chance of winning the Prem. It’s doubtful Liverpool will reach the Centurion mark as Man City did last season.


Liverpool. People are saying their slip has started but all they've done is further increased their advantage at the top... they don't have to win every game and the occasional slip-up can be handled, but my money's still on them to win it.

Apostate Son Of God

Liverpool is going to win the Premier League this season.


Its gonna be really nervy for Liverpool and its gonna get worse the closer it gets. I hope they do it.

Dimitrious - aka KC

I'm sure Liverpool will do it, City have harder fixtures and are in more competitions. People are expecting Liverpool to fall because of recent history, but if you look at this season in isolation then City are just as likely to drop points in coming games as Liverpool. I think Liverpool fans are just nervous because of all the heartbreak in the past.


It's very hard to say but if I was to stake my life on it I think Liverpool might just about manage it. I like watching Man City play a lot though, as I do Liverpool. I am pretty much neutral here so will be interesting to watch.


Liverpool and Manchester City are joint favorites.

Perfectly Flawed 2.0

It's looking as though Everton probably will, with the form they've been in they'll probably win their remaining 14 games and it's difficult to see Liverpool or City picking up more than a point per game from now on. It's best to get your money on this now before everybody else catches on and they become odds-on favourites.


Southampton go on have a laugh.