Who is the best player, and what is the best goal, that you have ever seen live?



Best goals I've seen were against Lyon in the Europa League back in 2013, Bale scored two brilliant free kicks and won us the game!

Intus Mortuis

Best goal I've seen at a match was Sigurdsson vs Leicester this season when Everton won 2-1, smacked it in from 40 yards out, best player probably Harry Kane at an England game, but also saw guys like Rooney and RVP when they were playing for United, but both were past their best then


Salah and RVP volley against Everton


I was really impressed with Xabi Alonso when Spain came to play Scotland at Hampden in 2010 in a Euros qualifier. I was at the game and it was great seeing his movement and passing ability, really intelligent player. The likes of Xavi and Iniesta were better players but Alonso made an impression on me that night.


Not the luckiest here don't get to see much great players but Mike Jensen of Rosenberg I liked watching when I went to see them play Cork City in the summer. I had seen him on TV the year before against Dundalk and he was running rings around them so it was cool then to see him up close too. Lord Bendtner was playing as well but he was like a tree for most of the game. Players for Cork I'd say Daryl Horgan is the best I've seen up close a few years ago and he wasn't as good as he would be considered now but he had a great determination. Best goals I've seen are in games ive played in whenever I go to football games I'm not treated to much. I don't get to go to many games especially when most are played on Friday nights here but I do regret not seeing Sean Maguire or Liam Miller in action. Even the Liam Miller fundraiser game in Cork had loads of football legends but I wouldn't have been able to go

g: Best player: Scott Murray Best goal

Best player: Scott Murray Best goal: Joe Bryan's goal vs Manchester United, beating them in the fa cup


Di Maria FK vs Barcelona when PSG beat them 4-0. No PL team or player could do that against Barca for sure.


Bobby Charlton scoring in the World cup group match for England versus Mexico in 1966.


Sanchez at wembley when we destroyed you in the fa cup last season