Do you want to know an interesting golf story?

So this cancer patient I treated gave me a dozen balls, and about the same time, treated a female for breast cancer, so on her last day, I googled up the signatures of the big names and wrote them on the golf balls and gave them to her, since she liked playing golf. So this was over a year ago, and today our department did a scramble and I'm out looking for my ball and find another one that was sunk in the ground by the green, I look at it, and it was one of the balls I gave the patient with Dustin Johnson's name on it!!!


Even cooler would be sending it to her with a note, telling her where and when you found it, and maybe teasing her a little, asking if she took her penalty for the lost ball - while telling her that you are happy she's recovreed and can enjoy the game once more.

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That is without a doubt the most interesting golf story I have ever read. I would never find a ball by the green I never get that far. I just tee off get my ball drive to some shade and smoke my cigar . We dont keep score Eventually I will get an ace and quit . .