How many putts can the golfer expect to make during the tournament?

Rework problem 18 from section 4.3 of your text, involving the expected number of putts made in a golf tournament. Assume that the golfer makes 70 percent of putts when they are less than 10 feet and 35 percent of putts when they are 10 feet or longer. The golfer takes 35 putts from less than 10 feet and 66 putts from 10 feet or longer during the tournament.


Most amateur golfers make 2 putts for each hole. there are 18 holes. So the common number of putts is 36 putts. But most PGA Tour Pros make about 30 putts. If they putt and make a PAR on each hole, they wont win. So they have to make a birdie. To make a birdie, you have to make only one putt after the ball lands on the green. BUT.... I've seen Pro golfers make 18 putts for 18 holes. They made a birdie, birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie..... If I recall, the golfer's name is Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam.


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They'll make one putt on each hole (they have to make a putt to finish the hole in any stroke-play event).