If two players are playing mini golf does one person goes till he gets ball into the hole or you alternate turns?


Mr. Smartypants

We always alternate turns. UNLESS someone else's ball was between yours and the hole. If there was a chance of hitting someone else's ball, you'd let that person go ahead of you. But you could do it either way. I don't think there are strict rules for mini golf. We used to have a rule that you can take your first shot three times. So if you got off to a bad start on a hole you could do the first stroke over. We never got in trouble with the Golf Police.

John F

You and your mini-golf partner can decide whatever works best for you.


Alternate, unless one's ball is blocking another. Then the player closest to the hole putts. Also, if one has a short putt for a tap in, they get to finish.


We alternate turns unless one players ball was blocking the other players ball, or sometimes let a player go out of turn if it's just a short tap in.