Do you find this weird?

you just met someone, a female. then you told her that you play golf. and then she went to say "what is the purpose of playing golf?"...... PS: does she know golf is a sport? @donni-pork: i dun think you play golf don. John Dally was "lean" when he won the british open. then he got "bigger" and then he never won since then. BTw his swing is technically false. overswing (the club should be parallel to the ground at the of the backswing for more accuracy). experienced golfer should have known that power comes from the hip and not trying to overswing like that to gain more speed. You should see a better golfer such as Rory Mcllroy, dustin johnson. Phil mickelson, Jordan Spieth. most pro golfers have a "lean" body and good technically swing. and btw, senior golfers even they are above 50, can hit it longer than most americans (270 yards). it shows that these people have talents.



Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

I play quite a bit during our season (playing here in the winter months isn't an option); from April-October/early November I'll play around 60-75 rounds. My answer would be that 1) I love the game 2) I like getting together with my friends to play (I have a regular Sunday morning game with a couple buddies) 3) It's opened doors and introduced me to people I'd otherwise not meet. All hobbies and interests could be viewed through the same prism of "why do you do this/what's the purpose?"


i find it weird you play golf

the internet: First rule of golf

First rule of golf: Never tell people you play golf.

Donnie Porko

No. I’ve asked the same thing a bunch of times. You hit the ball then chase the ball. It’s like being a dog. Is golf really a sport. I mean, how athletic do you have to be to hit a golf ball. Seniors and overweight guys (John Daly) can play it so is it really a sport.