What happens if you hit it in a bunker in golf?


Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Play your next shot from the bunker; just be careful to not ground the club in a hazard; meaning you can't touch the sand with the club or test the sand with the club.


You will have to play your next shot in the bunker.


You go into the bunker and use your club called The Sand wedge which is essentially an oversized spoon with a right angle and your scoop up a big pile of sand along with the ball and you tossed the ball onto the green with your sandwedge curse a little bit as the sand mud falls in your hair. a bunker is not half as bad as it going a couple of inches in the water where you can actually see the ball where you can't say the ball is lost and you have to go try to recover it.


You have to hit it out.