Why do people play golf?



You're outdoors, getting exercise and fresh air. You are competing against nature as well as against your playing partners. You don't have to be a professional to enjoy the game. Most of us can never know the feeling of hitting a major league pitch for a home run (or at all) or sinking a key basket or scoring a touchdown or beating a goalie with a great shot in hockey or soccer, but even players who have never broken 100 for 18 holes can know the joy of sinking a putt of over 50 feet or holing out from the fairway for an eagle, or a sand trap for a birdie.


As others have said to get outside, to play against nature and your playing partner. I enjoy all the different golf courses too, there's a coursees that are more out in wooded area and more that have neighborhood around them and some in more wooded areas with no house. For instance there's one in my area at a state park but it's out there in the middle of nowhere and every time I go well at least during fall and winter we see deer gallore and they look cool just walking across the fairway and they're used to people so you can get closer to them than other deer. We went Saturday and I had to piss and went to the edge of the woods looked up and about 20 foot from me they were just standing there looking at me. Plus it's a sport that most enjoy trying to get better at cause Golf when you first start your gonna suck and it's a very hard game that takes dedication to get good at and you can always get better. Anyone can play and it's just fun.

Robert S

Why do people ask stupid questions on Yahoo.


Because it's a relaxing outdoor sport and gets people out of the house.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Because they enjoy it. The same reason you do whatever it is that you find enjoyable. The idea that you might have a career round, or one of those rounds where it all goes wrong. The imperfection of it all. Being out in nature, in the elements, just you and the course. Nobody to blame if it goes wrong.




From their perspective it’s a sport. From other perspectives it’s the most boring activity ever created.

Alex Jaredson

They play it because they think it's a fun thing to do.