Are Canadian hockey fans generally good, fun and harmless?

I'm moving to Canada from the UK, and British football/soccer fans are atrocious. English footy fans are violent morons who only wish to fight and even kill people rather than watch the game, and Welsh fans are no better. Anyway, I guess hockey is different, as is the general Canadian mindset. I admit I know nothing about hockey but it's a sport I'll be in love with when I settle in Canada. Which NHL teams in Canada have the best and worst fans? Just curious.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Unlike the UK, away fans at hockey games aren't segregated like they are at football matches (I've been to rugby matches of both codes in the UK- went to see Toronto Wolfpack lose a Challenge Cup game to Warrington this past spring; most Wire fans were nice but a score of idiots were giving us a bit of trouble- went to a 6 nations union game in Dublin a few years ago and didn't have any issues other than congestion getting out of the ground after the game) Generally speaking, there's no real trouble at games (most of the trouble, like a lot of things, usually starts with overserved fans behaving badly). I go to enough Leafs games that we rarely if ever see any trouble (saw a few guys get into a scrap but it was obvious that alcohol was the primary cause). The Alberta teams fans are loud and will give you an earful, but never seen anything bad (can't speak to when they play each other; the so-called "Battle of Alberta" between Edmonton and Calgary). Montreal and Vancouver fans have had a few incidents of riots after games (Vancouver most notably in 2011 after they lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final at home). I can't speak to Winnipeg fans that well. Ottawa has a smaller fan base so home games against teams with large fan bases (Toronto, Montreal) end up with a mix close to 50-50 and I've had a few issues with Ottawa fans acting up. Toronto-Montreal games can be a bit problematic; long-time rivalry with two fan bases that simply don't get along (they can't stand us, and the feeling's mutual).