Would you like Milwaukee, Toronto #2, Hamilton, Quebec City, Houston, Kansas City, Atlanta and Saskatchewan to be in the NHL team?


Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

No. A 40-team league makes no sense.


Toronto doesn't need another team and quebec originally was the nordiques kansas City meh Atlanta probably won't be getting another team soon houston doesnt need one as Dallas has a team Milwaukee could be a food fit for a hockey team but seeing as there will be 8 teams in the central division with Seattle coming in a few years Milwaukee probably is out of the discussion Saskatchewan Canada has enough teams


Well they should need to be added in pairs and balance the east/west conferences. Quebec City and Houston are easy enough (Atlantic, Central). Then maybe Portland (Pacific) and Milwaukee or Kansas City (Central, move Nashville to the Metropolitan) unless you want to try for a third time in Atlanta. Toronto #2 and Hamilton would have stiff opposition from Toronto #1 and Buffalo. Saskatchewan just doesn't have the population.


would like Quebec City to have one


Quebec City yes.


Kansas City and Atlanta have shown that they will not support an NHL team. The Metro Toronto area is certainly large enough to support two teams; perhaps one based in Mississauga would succeed. It took time for the Islanders-Rangers and Yankees-Mets rivalries to build but I think a Leafs-Toronto #2 rivalry would be good. That would probably kill any chance for Hamilton. Quebec, IMO, deserves a second chance. Houston did a good job supporting its AHL franchise and it was arena problems that ended that; I think the city would support an NHL team. The Stars have done well in Dallas. Metro Saskatoon has barely 300,000 residents. It cannot support an NHL franchise. Milwaukee, possibly, if they get an arena not shared with the NBA team.