Do I have a shot at making it to the NHL?

I’m 20 years old and I’ve never played hockey or skated before, what are the odds of me eventually playing in the NHL?


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Given that you don't even know how to skate at age 20, you have no chance.


Your best bet is to jump on the ice during a professional hockey game and show them what you can do. If you're good, they'll hire you on the spot. Good luck!


Let's put it this way, 0.4% of high school seniors eventually get drafted to the NHL. I believe anything is possible if you work hard enough, true it would have been better to start years ago, but it can be done.


Of course you do! However your definition of playing has to be altered somewhat. No chance at ALL as a player, but you can be a player in any of the dozens of support fields that make an NHL team work.

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Pretty close to zero. Most of the guys out there on the ice were on skates almost before they could walk. Many of them played hockey as kids. A lot of players come from the Canadian junior leagues, while some play in the European leagues. There are also a number of guys who play in college. They start as children. If you've never even skated before, how the hell do you think you're going to play hockey professionally? Come on!

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Very, very small.


If you work hard like everyday skating 3-4 hours for the next decade or so and you are ridiculously talented and athletic, then who knows you could reach echl. It’s not nhl, but you could make a living out of hockey


I'd switch my goal to winning the lottery. The joke use to be you could become the organist to play in the NHL. But few teams do that anymore. Although other musicians have played off and on.


Robert Esche didn't start playing until college.


Zero to None.

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Oh yes you got it buddy