With the expansion of the NHL Seattle team, can you help me calculate the 82-game format in 2021-22?


Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Easy peasy. It's a 32-team league with four 8-team divisions. Each team will play its intra-divisional opponents either 3 or 4 times on a rotating basis (each team would play 5 opponents four times, the other 2 3 times), for a total of 26 games 4x5 + 2x3 = 26. Each team will play its 8 intra-conference opponents 3 times (4 teams will be 2 home, 1 away, the other 4 teams 1 home, 2 away). 8x3=24 Each team will play the other 16 teams in the other conference twice. 1 home, 1 away. 16x2=32 26+24+32 = 82 games