Is it possible for an American to like hockey but not football? Why do people make a big deal out of it?


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I'm Canadian and I can't stand gridiron. It's boring, the games take too long and there's too many stoppages in play (the ball is in play only 12-13 minutes of a game; the rest of the clock time is huddling up or barking out codes before the ball is snapped).


Yes it is. Personal preferences vary from individual to individual


Yes. Football is 90% commercial breaks. And sometimes there are fights in hockey games.


Your a Canadian! Give up on being American it’s a better country anyway.


Yes it's possible.


Yes especially in areas where hockey is popular (Minnesota, Michigan, much of the East Coast) as for why people make a big deal of it -- They follow the norm, expecting others to do the same.


Depending on the individual

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Yep. I used to like football, but I haven't watched in years. I just can't stand watching anymore. So, yes, I like hockey and not football.


Yes. Hockey is easily one of the fastest,coolest, difficult and most exciting sports.A high level hockey player usually has to start playing at age 5 because of the sports level of difficulty, while football is mostly bigger stronger faster in its skill set- not nearly as much specific expertise. And a football game is really only about 30 minutes long as most of the game is players standing around while hockey is a legit high intensity 60 minute game.. Also, football is somewhat barbaric because its been said by many who know- every play is like being in a car accident.


Sure....I live in Sarasota, and love the NHL.


No, it is not. If you do not like football you could actually be deported.

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Yes. It's possible for an American to dislike all sports in North America and be a die hard Cricket fan.