Will the Blackhawks head coach Jeremy Colton stay through 2020-21 season before NHL Seattle arrives as an expansion team?



It's impossible to tell. Blackhawks are struggling this year, but will probably do better next season.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

Their head coach might be the least of their concerns right now. They have an ageing team tied to long term contracts that look worse by the day. So they can either tread water and go nowhere or go for a full blown tear-down and rebuild. LA is in the same boat.


Well his predecessor Joel Quenneville was at the start of his 11th season when he was fired, but i would say no, a lot of the head coach prior to Joel Quennevile didn't last more then a season or two at the most. And he is not off to a good start. So I might be surprised if he lasts past this season, but that is not my call it is the Chicago Blackhawks management call on how long he has the job for.