With Seattle join the NHL team, what are the realignment?


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They will join the Pacific division. Arizona will slide from the Pacific Division to the Central Division. This will leave the league with four 8-team divisions and two 16-team conferences.


Seattle has no hockey teams.


depends on if u have a car or truck


Seattle is going to be added to the Pacific division and Arizona is moving to the central division makes sense since Arizona is closest to the central than the rest of the other teams in the pacific

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As Leafsfan29 points out, they will join the Pacific, and Arizona will move to the Central.


What they said at the governor's meeting apparently is that Arizona moves to the Central, and Seattle joins the Pacific in their place.


Add Seattle to the Pacific Divison and add Edmonton to the Central


Knowing the NHL they will probably put Seattle and Vancouver in different divisions in order to max out their travel in order to benefit east coast teams (I'm only half kidding). I love hockey, I just hate what the NHL has become under Bettman (it's not necessarily him but he's the mouthpiece for the disgusting ownership - they don't care at all about the game itself only how to suck up every last dollar they can).