Are MMA private sessions useful?

I used to take Muay Thai 4 times per week but now I started doing 3 times per week of Muay Thai with group and 3 times private MMA sessions with the coach. The problem is MMA is illegal in my country since the government said that cage fighting is inhumane and practicing its techniques is illegal so there's no MMA gyms in my country no more so I have no choice but to take private MMA lessons with my coach who used to be MMA coach back when it was legal. The question is, I can be good at MMA with only private sessions 3 times per week and 3 times per week of Muay Thai with group?


While private lessons and workouts can be beneficial you really want also some workouts and interaction with others in training. Every person is different and so some of the things you learn will maybe have to be adjusted slightly for those different people which in turn broadens your skill, ability, and understanding of things. Not only that but working out and training with others can sometimes be a good time for you to try some new things you have learned and wanting to further develop rather than with your coach. Because each person is physically different along with other differences in their ability, skill, and knowledge you will then more likely reach your fullest potential in MMA if you have a combination of both private instruction as well as group instruction and workouts and training with others. One other important aspect is that working out and training with others then also allows you to more easily gauge your own progress and ability and that can be a great motivator in your training.