Which Martial Arts you want to take and why?

Boxing or Hung Gar?

Tengu Bakemono

Guns and Tai Chi.


Japanese Ju-jitsu (Traditional, not the Goshin/Sports based styles). I used to get bullied when I was a kid cause I was tiny. Started when I was 18 and shot up and out. The style I do covers pretty much everything and with the Jutsu/Kyusho techniques that we cover, is pretty handy in the street as I'm not inherently bound by sporting rules which are something which can be exploited. I have also trained in Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Nin-Jitsu and Boxing to expand my knowledge.


MMA because I used to get bullied in sophomore year of high school until i fought one of the bullies and now I'm a senior in high school and I don't want this to happen to me in college.


Boxing, its much more practical and present in high usage scenarios, better effective in a cage and the street, easier to take the training with u to other countries


Neither, guns are easier and everyone will have one. Don't bring your fists to a gun fight, you blasted millennial.


Muay Thai because of how brutal the sport is.

Jas Key

Boxing, because of higher stance giving me more mobility. My strategy for a fight is keep mobile and get out of the danger zone as soon as possible. If I can throw few shots to create distance and then run away, that's my best case scenario. Also fewer attack options means less my mind has to focus on during the OODA loop giving my mind more space to focus on my surroundings, additional dangers, and my escape options.