Is it scary to get into a fight because im 3rd dan in martial arts?



Right if you say so Everyone i ran across saying what you are saying. is from a McDojo and are not worth their weight in salt. Just a gimme rank with no knowledge or meaning behind it. Get you money back and find a real martial art not a McDojo

Islam Forbids

You are not a fighter 3rd Dan or otherwise.


Your question touches on one of the aspects wrong with most martial arts today in this country. That is someone being promoted along and reaching a high rank who has never gained any real experience outside their school or dojo in applying and using their skills. I am not suggesting you go out and get into fights to acquire that experience but I do think you need to maybe get involved at least in a fighting art where you will have some real contact on some level and learning from that. That also, depending on the fighting art, might offer the opportunity for you to try and test your existing skills also and you further learning from those experiences as well. That is the closest thing to some real type situations and will give you some of what you further need and are asking about. It will however not give you everything and should not be taken as such. That only comes with being in real world situations and dealing with a weapon is a good example of what I am saying. Most people will never work in a place where that is common place or likely to happen. Situations like that are no place to be if you don't have the training and experience and even then they should be avoided if possible even if a person has acquired that experience.


Actually, it's scary to be alive when you're a 3rd dan, because you never know when a 4th dan will pop out of the woodwork and smash you to smithereens.