Kung Fu or karate?

Chinese arts vs Japanese arts? So I REAALLY like Chinese Kung Fu I think it's a lot more artsy and has has a zen factor I like about it. But I'm studying Japanese and the Japanese arts can help with that alot...also I love both country's arts I just REALLY want to dive deeper into my martial arts. thanks


What do you currently study? The discipline itself is actually less important than the teacher, in my humble opinion. If you can find a qualified teacher who teaches an authentic art with proper application, you're ahead of most in the game, whether it be TKD, Shotokan, Hung Gar, or anything else that hasn't been formatted strictly for sport. To the heart of your question, though, to what end do you mean to pit Kung Fu compared to Karate? What method of Kung Fu? What method of Karate? There are literally hundreds of different styles of Kung Fu, and at least dozens of different styles of Karate. Whichever is more effective comes down to the individual - see my point in the paragraph above.


I like Kung Fu myself. But you can learn from both. I like Kung Fu since its a soft style, I'm a tall skinny guy and don't have tons of muscle so I feel it's more practical for me. It's all up to you with how you want to go forward with it. My only real piece of advice is try to find a teacher who wants to educate more than make money.


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