When you were between the ages of 8 and 14 did you ever lose a fight with another kid who was smaller then you?

BQ was it embarrassing to lose the fight to a smaller kid. When I was 14 I lost a fight to an 12 year old kid who was '18 inches' shorter then me. The first time I was angry and embarrassed. After that I got used to the fact that a smaller kid can beat me up if he knows martial arts. In the end it was good that this 12 year old beat me up because it encouraged me to learn martial arts now I'm a brown belt.


No. I was always the smallest kid.

Retired Mafia Moll

I have never been in a fight in my life.


I always won even when i didn't know self defense and the guys knew


Nope I'm 27-0

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Yeah. My own twin sister.


didn't fight...


I am 54 and have only ever had one fight and I knocked his lights out. That was when I was mid thirties so I don't know.


I remember two kids outside the toilets at school, it was 1956/7 they were both 12 years old. I'm not sure how it started but, there were two blows struck, one kids hit the other kid and in return that kid hit him. That was a bleedin hard punch and he was smaller than me. ;-) PS. True story Anon. There were no losers that day but, there were no winners either. I went to that other kids funeral in 2010.


I’ve never been in a fight. Here in America, even school fights results in lawsuits, and of course the media changing the story for entertainment points. I guess I dodged a bullet.


I have only been in fight one time i was 20 to be sincere it was with some chap in his 40s insulted a mademoiselle I shagged then little did the tw@t know I was expert in Judo before he knew if he was on floor with difficulty breathing . I think he was rather embarrassed when he rose mdr