Fighting at natural weight?

Is it OK to fight at your natural weight in MMA if you feel that you can rely on technique, raw power and speed to compromise for your size disadvantage? Is it a wise thing to do considering most fighters kill themselves trying to cut huge amounts of weight?


It is never ok to fight at your natural weight. In mma the reason there are weight classes is to drop to a certain weight class. Being the bigger person in a fight is a huge advantage in the sport of mma. As a current trainee in mma, as the smaller person you will less likely win the fight even if your technique and speed is impecable. A bigger opponent can out wrestle or control the fight better.

Jas Key

Nothing wrong with fighting at a natural weight, but you will likely have the mentioned size and also strength disadvantage. If fighting with handicap doesn't faze you much, then it shouldn't be a problem