What would be needed to get into Judo or taekwondo?



A teacher, a location, and comfortable clothing.


Start by finding a studio that teaches judo or takewondo, and plan on investing in a lot of money towards martial arts. I have practiced taekwondo for about 10 years and am now a 3rd degree black belt. It costs money to buy uniforms, promotions,weapons, and seminars.

Jas Key

Both doesn't require much in terms of equipment. Just find a place, purchase the gi(uniform) required from the school or place recommended by the school, and train.


Just go. I'm almost black belt and when i entered there, i were so much weak... But now? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Fireballs illegitimate son



It's not the military. All you have to do is show up.


$, desire


judo wrestle learn it techniques use your mind go into it go with full power all you can and learn your power just my opinion

Mr: Step 1

Step 1: Find a judo and/or taekwondo school in your area Step 2: Call them and say you want to sign up. From there, they will tell you what you need to do and what you need to get. It's that easy.


Being 12 and getting bullied at school.