How to deal with a person who's a bully and nice at the same time?

It someone was bullying me I'd just punch the person to his face but there's a guy who acts like a bully sometimes, like stepping on my shoes but at the same time but at the same time he calls me "bro" and he looks like he wants to pick up a fight with me but as if he's doing it in a nice way and also once I came to school and was shaking hands with all of my classmates and when I wanted to shake hands with him, he didn't notice but later he apologised and shook my hand. How to deal with person like this? He's like being friendly and at the same time a bully.


Google "dealing with passive aggression."

Tengu Bakemono

You can't be nice to a bully, it doesn't work. Do you think a Jew could have been nice to Hitler and then expect him to be nice to them? Sorry, It doesn't work that way.