I recently earned a black belt and want to start my own dojo. What are some tips for how to teach martial arts as a career, things to avoid,?

and how much will it likely cost to start and maintain a dojo in Indiana?


Check your local laws and state laws as well. I know in Illinois that for TKD to run a school you need to be a 3rd degree. Also start small. Have only a handful of students first. You barely started to learn so be careful. Some students are smarter than you think.


Rent is usually your biggest fixed cost so find a place that is cheap to rent. Also if you can't make full time money working part time in a business. You better have some other means of income or a second job that does not conflict with late afternoons and evening classes while you try to get students. Also the time of year that you open your school is important. Avoid the spring or summer and instead consider the fall or winter when you can maybe capture some of the Christmas business or that from the New Year and those wanting to start working out or maybe taking up a martial art. On a personal note a person who just got their black belt probably does not have the benefit of enough experience to really do something like what you are wanting to do. You might want to instead gain more background and experience as a black belt before doing this to better insure your school being a success rather than a failure. While doing that you also will want to get more skill and experience with teaching in general, coaching, and communicating with others and motivating them. A good instructor possess the abilities to teach, train, and motivate others so start looking for ways to gain experience and training in that while also broadening your martial arts skills, background while adding to your experience in martial arts as a black belt.


New Black belts are still learning, not teaching. Volunteer to teach martial arts at the Y and see if you are any good at it


Get insurance in case you kill some of your students.