In Karate kid, would it have been "uncomfortably triumphant" if Daniel had suffered a dramatic defeat at the hands of the douchebag dojo?



From IMDB (since I remember reading about this, but not all the detail): Former screenwriter Dennis Palumbo has said that he was offered the screen writing job for the film but reacted to the offer by saying he'd be "willing to do it if he (the title character, Daniel Larusso) lost the fight in the end." Palumbo explained his reasoning: "You can't have Mr. Miyagi tell him, 'It doesn't matter if you win or lose,' for 90 minutes and then have to have him win." Palumbo went on to say, "But that's because I was being a moron... Now, they made four sequels to that movie, so obviously I was wrong." (Palumbo's remarks appear in Tales from the Script (2009).)


Sweep The Leg


Perhaps. It certainly would have been more realistic. 3 months of hand-to-hand training will not prepare you to face black belts who have been at it for years. Also... Daniel-san looked more like Marshmallow-chan... His hits wouldn t count for much with that prepubescent bod. He should have went to the gym for the role.