5'7 guy who trained MMA for 6 months vs 6'1 street fighter. who'd you bet on?


Concerned Dad

The MMA fighter is likely gay and does ballet to support his gay little kicks. The street fighter will play dirty and boot his nuts, devastating his ability to pack fudge later on. Winner - Street Fighter.


I already done killed that shoty MMA guy.


My bet is the same TROLL asking this same question again this week.


Six months in MMA is not hardly enough time to gain enough experience and training for this in my estimation especially if that person has had no prior background in any kind of fighting art. There are many self-defense aspects that MMA does not include or cover and it is often times focused on structured, organized fighting where you have rules, a referee, and a rest period between rounds with the possibility of another or next round. In an uncontrolled situation like what you mention and without any of that I can see someone with minimal training being overwhelmed especially given the size difference. It takes more training and experience than that of six months usually to be able to deal with someone on a physical level in a lot of cases in any fighting art.


The street punk will pull a gun and kill the MMA fighter with a bullet.




Depends on their health and age and how Pumped up they are to fight / win.