How can I jump higher?



Do plyometric training like box jumps. Practice jumping on a soft squashy surface, like stacked sofa cushions, so that you have to work harder and get stronger to get height in your jumps. Make sure you have good technique using transference of momentum from your arms and pushing the floor away through your ankles as well as your knees. Sprint and reaction drills may also offer some carry over by training fast muscular response to help you develop power more quickly (a key component for jumping.) I recommend you also get a wobble board and do the recommended exercises (rocks side to side and front and back and circles in each direction) to strengthen and stabilise your ankles and knees, because the other half of jumping is landing. The higher you jump the greater the landing force and consequent injury potential.


use. a. jetpack.


Move to the Moon. You'll be able to jump 6 times higher, before you get osteoporosis at 40, of course.


practice practice practice ......................

The Football God

Use a step.


Build more muscle. Practice on your Fosbury flopp.


No idea, but you can lose weight, the lighter you are the easier it may be to jump.