What's a gun thats good for protection and affordable?



It depends. Are you wanting to conceal carry? I like my Springfield XD-S 9mm for daily carry.


A vague question. But I'll assume you are primarily concerned with home defense. IF so, then a shotgun or a 9mm pistol will suffice. You must be able to secure the weapon when you are not home and be able to easily access it when in your home, especially when sleeping. A 9mm pistol sits nicely in a nightstand or in a rapid access safe attached to the bed frame. But the most important bit of advice: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.


Really depends on what you mean by "affordable". Also how decent of a shooter you are. And also if you're just using it for home protection or you want to concealed carry. And also what's legal in your area. A lot of people really like Glocks because they're exceptionally reliable and if you're using it for protection you want it to work when you need it. Smith & Wesson and H&K also have good options.


Water Gun. Don't buy a gun asshole

Chris Ancor

Sport target shooting guns are of little use in either situation.


Depends if you are referring to something you are going to carry, or something to leave at home. To carry, something small like a 22 would be best. At home, something bigger like a 45 would be best


Grease gun. Squirt it on the ground beneath their feet


For home protection, a shotgun. Mossberg 500 series are great. For personal protection to carry or keep in your car, a 38 revolver is relatively inexpensive and reliable. I like the Smith and Wesson 638 model.

Smoking Joe

A muzzle loading musket like the 2nd amendment is talking about.

Moon Shot

Shotgun. Thats all you need. If you want something small a 9MM will work.


.38 Smith and Wesson. It's not over-powered like a .44 or lacking in stopping power like a 9mm. They are also cheap to buy used.


Pop gun


Colt Patterson Revolver. I believe it is only $977,000 down from $1M in the past. BARGAIN.