702 plinkster keeps locking open after a few shots any idea. Gun is clean also.?



The 702 plinkster is not dangerous and will never be banned. Make sure your support hand isn't touching the magazine while firing. When the bolt locks back, is the round firing? There are some lemon 702s and light primer strikes can cause the bolt to bounce. What ammo? Try again with CCI mini mags and let us know how it works. If you still have a problem, try a different magazine. If there is still a problem, send the gun back to Mossberg. The 702 comes in two varieties: garbage and great. If it isn't running great, you have a lemon.


It should not do that. I would call Mossberg.

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contact Mossberg. I have 2 of this model an never had this issue. cleaned an lubed properly. screws are torqued correctly. test with quality ammo CCI. these are not ment for CCI stinger type ammo (hypersonic).