Legal short double barrel shotguns?

Are there any legal short barrel double barrel shotguns? I’ve seen the mossberg shockwave and the tac 14 which are technically “firearms”. Are there any double barrels that are technically “firearms” or pistols

six shooter

let me tell you about those shockwaves and tac 14s and why im not impressed. they still have to be 26 inches OAL. so a double barrel, cut down to 26 inches, would be the exact same size as those two shotguns. only difference? the shotgun would have a 18 inch barrel, the shockwave would have a 14 inch barrel. but the shockwave takes those 4 inches and puts it in the butt (freaking giggity) in my rant i almost forgot. so there are plenty of short shotguns that size. which include double barrels, some of which you could buy and chop yourself

Russ in NOVA

There are plenty of "legal" short barreled shotguns and even AOWs. You just need an NFA tax stamp (following the process to get one). I don't think I have ever seen or heard of a non-NFA shotgun that falls under the "firearm" category that the shockwave falls under. A double barrel shotgun without a shoulder stock and with overall length less than 26 inches is an NFA AOW (not a a "pistol").


my coach gun is a firearm


Google Coach Gun. It is a double fashioned after the old stagecoach shotgun.


YES! Stage coach models with a 20 inch barrel on them, any thing less than 16 inches is ILLEGAL


Federal firearms regulations stipulate that the barrel of a shotgun must be at least eighteen inches long. One of the most common short-barrel double barreled shotguns out there is the Stoeger Coach Gun. They are chambered in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and I believe .410. The barrels are twenty inches in length. I used to have a 12 gauge. The barrels are choked modified and improved cylinder. They are not all that fancy, but they make good utility shotguns. Getting a little fancier, CZ also makes a Coach Gun (with twenty inch barrels). I own one of these, and the model I have has external hammers--reminiscent of something from the late 19th century. The receiver is color case hardened with the 'rainbow" appearance. Both barrels are choked cylinder bore, meaning that it is okay to shoot buckshot and Foster-type rifled slugs. The shotgun will also shoot birdshot, although it will give a broad pattern--essentially restricting it to around 25 to 30 yards as small game and bird shotgun.