Airsoft EMG Hellbreaker Vs EMG Blitz?

Hey everyone, I've been looking to get an aeg in the past couple of months and I've narrowed it down to the hellbreaker and blitz, but I'm open to others around the same price or under. I've heard really good things about both of them but I've also heard that the Blitz is manufactured by a not so great company. I play other games like airsoft and for the past couple years I've always stayed back and been more of a "sniper" but that's gotten boring so I've been pushing a lot recently, but I still want the option to stay back. I'm also not sure if I should go with a 10in or 15in barrel if I get the hellbreaker. If I get the blitz do you think the grey and blue would stand out enough to get me shot more than plain black or would it not make a difference? The field near me is a mid-size outdoor field but it has a lot of structures with sharp angles. My secondary is a KWC 1911 if that helps. Thanks a lot!


Hellbreaker for sure dude.