I bought a Sig Sauger 9mm. How do I load the magazine?

The directions say Slide first but you tube shows putting in the magazine then sliding.


Step one, READ THE OWNERS MANUAL. Step two, go to a local gun store that has a range, pay for a basic gun class. Step Three, take the class again. Step four, it might be safe for you to load the magazine now.


Sig 9mm guns are not dangerous and will never be banned. Load it with the Sig Sauger Auger. Seriously, take a class on handguns (the NRA produces a quality one at a very reasonable price). Guns are dangerous, idiots are dangerous.


Please do all of us a favor and put this pistol away until someone with training is handy to help you. Or put it away until you take a basic pistol safety class. I have friends with thousands of hours shooting at the range - who have made a mistake and their gun has gone off inside the home. One guy missed his 6 year old daughter by 3". You are a novice - the odds of you having an issue are very high. You would not buy a car or a boat, or a plane or a chain saw and use it without knowing how to operate it. Guns are the same way.

Higgy Baby

You need help.


I would shoot .40 S&W in it. It is easier to load than 9mm.


i think if you slide first then you can load by pulling the trigger once