Is it worth trading a Ar15 for a Norinco Sks ?



If the SKS is near unissued, yes, I would trade an economy AR for it even though I may be taking a whipping price wise. AR`s are flooding the market to the point of becoming a slow seller. So many have several AR`s that can be replenished and Norinco SKS`s are becoming less plentiful and gaining a steady, but not high peaking, rise in price every year while AR prices are on a slight downward trend. I am seeing less and less SKS`s at gun shows now days compared to 5 years ago.


Do you understand that there are probably a thousand variants of the AR15 made by at least a hundred companies? Which AR15 made by who are you talking about? If it's high end gun no, if it's a low end gun... maybe. Also...which Norinco SKS are you talking about? There's about 6 models to choose from, including two that take detachable AK47 magazines.


Actually, right now, yes it is. At many other times, it would not be. But right now...whoever gets the Norinco has the better end of the deal.


depends on which one YOU want


The AR15 is a plentiful gun and easy to obtain. The SKS has been getting harder to find over the years and the prices have been going up. I have a Soviet Tula from 1952 with matching serial numbers. I will never part with it unless something horrible happens. I rarely shoot it so it’s essentially a safe queen. In terms of a trade it depends on the condition. Also how much did you pay for your AR? Your run-of-the-mill Norinco Cost $350. You can add $200 so that if the serial numbers match. Another $100 if it is a “paratrooper”. So if the Stars align and you find a Chinese paratrooper SKS with all matching serial numbers you’re looking at $550-$600. But condition is key. A few dings of the stock won’t really bother most people, mine has some. If not he better add some cash to sweeten the deal.


Yes. How many Norincos do you need?


The ar is a Delton Echo 316h and The norinco Type 56 (not the one that takes AK mags)


No. That is like trading a nice new 2019 Ford Taurus for a 1965 crappy, broke transmission, oil leaking Comet.

six shooter

its really hard to tell. tactically, the ar15 is superior. but monetarily, there are so many variants between the two. is it a wilson combat ar15? is it an original SKS with single digit serial numbers? more info is needed


I would not do it. The SKS is a pretty cheap gun, almost a disposable military rifle.