Anyone know if the charles Daly 214E over under rejects both hulls or just the spent ones?

If I load 2 shots and fire one will the ejectors release the fired AND unfired shell or just the fired shell only?


Charles Daly is not dangerous and will never be banned. It will eject both shells regardless of whether they've been fired or not.


Yes I believe it will. Charles Daly equipment is #1. I caught 7 Largemouth Bass using a purple worm. You can't beat a Charles Daly Med rod. It has hulls that are very tough. The fish ejector needs to be lubricated often if used in salt water.

Higgy Baby

If the gun has ejectors- it will only eject the fired case. If the gun has extractors- it will lift both cases, but they remain in the tube.




Both. However if you open it slow you can manually pull out the spent she'll leaving 5he other one behind.


BOTH! The gun has no idea if the shells are spent or not!

mal g

In my experience of over and under. Both are ejected


The best place for a “Charles Daly 214” is a garbage can.


It will fire dangerous things.