Can you recomend me a good book about guns and bullets with alot of pictures and information?


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You local Library should have a complete section of firearms.


I'm not sure about titles for firearms because there are so many of them, but for information about ammunition, "Cartridges of the World" by the late Frank Barnes knows no equal


Small Arms of the World by Smith. And hit the library.

Staap It: One of the best books ever on the subject

One of the best books ever on the subject : A Rifleman Goes to War by Herbert McBride * More about how to be a good rifleman, and shooting. The Shooter's Bible has pictures of most all the guns made and their values. With some GREAT Articles. Winchester Gun Company has terrific books about their heritage AND some on a particular historic firearms they made. Some of these are legacy type books, leather bound and beautiful. This book pictured has a value roughly $75.00 US


Your google broken? Every year a book is published, called "The Shooters Bible" and it has pictures, specifications, and prices of every gun, bullet, scope, and most all accessories sold in the US. You can buy it at, Barnes and Nobel, and most every gun shop and sporting store from Portland Or to Portland Me. If you had googled your question - you would have one on order by now.


Have you tried getting into touch with Italian folks who are experts at ammunition.


The World Book of Cooters and Critters.


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