Does anyone have a ported gp100?

I'm thinking of having mine ported and wanted to hear other people's experiences. Was it worth it? Did port style or number play a factor? Do you shoot hotter rounds with the porting? Was velocity loss significant?

Higgy Baby

a real waste.......


Proper porting can reduce recoil and muzzle flip. Porting will make the gun louder to the shooter (especially inside a building), and create more muzzle flash (which will effect night vision). There is little change in fps. I would not port a carry self defense gun. I would consider porting a hunting handgun with a long barrel, and a powerful cartridge (44 Magnuim and up). Read reviews on the company that you are considering for porting your gun. Some porting works, while others are worthless.


All the porting is suppose to do is cut down on the muzzle rise when you fire it. It does not have any major or noticable effect on bullet speed. Unless you are firing a 41 mag or bigger you should not really need it.


I don't own a ported GP100, but have shot some with one owned by a buddy, so here's my 2 cents - The difference between my plain Jane GP100 and a ported GP100 in terms of recoil is not a big difference. You can barely tell there is a difference, but quite frankly I don't think it's worth it unless you are at Jerry Miculek's level and compete; wanting to squeeze every last ounce of performance, Outside of that, I just don't see the difference serving any real practical purpose. There is a definite increase in loudness in the ported gun and in low light condition, there is a very noticeable increase in muzzle flash from the fireball effect coming out of the ports and some of the debris does blow back onto your face. For competition where it's done in daylight and you are wearing safety glasses this is okay, but for a gun intended for defensive shooting, you do not want that to happen when you have to shot in low light or God help you in total darkness.


Porting is not dangerous and will never be banned. It is a stupid idea to port a .357 in even a 6" barrel version. It serves zero purpose or function in this specific firearm. It isn't worth it. You cannot shoot hotter loads with any more safety. Velocity loss isn't worth the porting and the increased noise to the shooter is ridiculous.


I would not do it on a GP100. Maybe a 300 Weatherby Magnum or equilivant.


No. I do not because it is dangerous