What should what should you check before choosing a firearm for hunting?



what you want to hunt. what kind of terrain will you be hunting in. will you be making long shots in open land, or in wooded areas with lots of brush or trees where the distance will be short? have you shot any guns before?


Check you mental capacity


if you know which end of the rifle the bullet comes out of check if you are old enough to get one check if you have the mental capacity to know how to shoot

six shooter

a weapons zero.

Jim W

The game laws for where you are hunting and the local restrictions for hunting. Some local laws prohibit high power weapons in certain areas.


your bank balance


Hunting is not dangerous and will never be banned. Local and state laws.

Bubba Gubbins

Your bank balance?


check local laws on caliber or type of firearm allowed not everywhere is the same. what are you hunting an pick an appropriate caliber with a quality bullet. can you handle the recoil of chosen caliber. do you have the shooting skills needed for terrain you will hunt. the three main calibers you need, 12ga shotgun, .270 with 1:10 twist unless you can find a 1:9 which is better. 22lr.


Shotgun n 270 all you need. keep a 22 long riffle for small game squirrels n such that’s it go have American fun


If the guns have laser sighting