Gunsmith Would it be possible to change a Savage 300 lever gun to 357 caliber?



Why not just buy a Winchester 92 or a Rossi M92 in 357 Magnum.


To challenge a person with the impossible is not a safe bet. Yes, converting a Savage 300 (99F???) to .357 is remotely possible but so is converting a`69 Shelby Mustang to a`49 Studebaker Commander body style. Ponder over your question a bit longer. BTW You are asking about the 99F... are you not? Redesigning the rotary magazine from a rimless cartridge to rimmed would be lots of fun for a bored Gyro Gearloose (with Uncle Scrooge`s money). Do you want the cartridge counting feature?


It's possible to "change" it, but you are basically replacing all the key components. In the end you are basically buying a new rifle and attaching your old stock to it. Why, bother when you can just buy a new rifle at a lot less cost and have 2 rifles?


Re-barrel is easy...rechamberr simply won't happen


You are talking about converting to a straight wall nominal .36 caliber round. Impractical, expensive, the ruination of a fine piece of hardware. .357 Mag lever guns are out there, and frankly, very inexpensive compared to the value of your 99F or 99E.


Not really. You can buy a nice used 357 lever gun for $300+ or get a nice new one for $400-$700. Gunsmith charge $125+ an hour. You are looking at 20+ hours to custom make and hand fit one of a kind parts. Even if the gun works - you have no warranty, no access to spare parts in the future. For what it would cost to covert your existing rifle you could buy several nice new ones.

Adam D

You'd need to replace pretty much everything. I guess you could keep the stock. It'd be cheaper and easier to save up a few dollars and find a used .357.


Not without excessive gunsmithing and custom parts. The barrel would need to be entirely replaced. The barrel itself can be re-bored, but the chamber would be way too large to accommodate the .357. Then you would have to deal with the mechanical aspects of the breech bolt and what to do about the magazine. In other words, it's entirely impractical. Consider buying a Henry Big Boy or Marlin 1894


Re-barrel to 358 Winchester.


Convert=Yes possible. Best Idea= Buy one


cheaper to just trade it in ...............................


I doubt it. Your question is about converting to .357, not buying.


It may be possible, but why?